Your Christian Cowboy Resource

A Cowboy of the Cross…

Doesn’t give up being a cowboy by becoming a Christian.

Isn’t going to be perfect but always owns up to his mistakes.

Is strong of heart and bold in his faith.

Is patient but firm with others.

Is courageous.

Accepts a challenge and gives it his all.

Works hard but knows when to rest.

Protects his family.

Honors his friends.

Shows integrity in actions.

Knows the value of the words “Yes Ma’am and No Sir.”

Is humble and courteous but knows how to stand up for himself and others and for what is right.

Does more than is asked of him.

Dusts off his cowboy Bible and opens it daily.

Doesn’t shove God back in his gear bag or glove box once the rodeo or bull riding is over.

Most importantly, he trusts in Christ and strives to follow what the Bible teaches.

But above all…knows when he messes up any of this, he is covered by God’s grace and is already forgiven.

I am a cowboy of the cross.

I don't get it right all the time. Sometimes I don't think I get it right much.

But like you, I get who Jesus is and that I need him to be

right with God.

Church isn't a great place to me. I feel like people look at

me funny or that they're judging me for my starched jeans

and shirt or for this being my first Sunday there in three


Being a cowboy is 'bout all I know. I've quit or lost six jobs

and girlfriends over it 'cause it always comes first. They just don't get it.

I'm tryin' though. But I know I need to try harder.

                                     I may dig right when my dinner plate comes but                                      don't think I don't talk to God. It's just usually                                      when I'm in the truck or in a pasture somewhere.

                                     The Bible doesn't make much sense to me until                                      you put it in words I use and know. I do have a                                      Bible though. I know I should take it out of my                                      rigging bag more and brush the dust off it, but it                                      does give me some sense that God is with me.

                                    While I won't bring it up, if someone starts talkin'                                     'bout God stuff, I've got some thoughts of my                                      own that I don't mind sharin' if you ask.

I want to do better, I just don't always know how and there's a lot of temptation out there. You really don't understand how much. Pray for me but don't walk away from me either when I mess it up.

Preacher, teacher or friend, if you've got something to say to me, say it straight and when I know you respect who

I am, I'll respect what you have to say. I don't

always ask but I've got a lot of questions and

just 'cause I can't read the Bible as good as

you, I'm no dummy. If you want to teach me

some stuff 'bout what's in there and how to

live it right, I'll listen and we might learn s

omethin' from each other.

I'm a cowboy of the cross. My faith matters to

me and when you give me some time, you'll

see me puttin' God and Bible first and

everything else behind.

I am a cowboy of the cross

How to be a

Cowboy of the Cross

Just like a marshal in the days of the Old West or today, a Cowboy of the Cross takes to heart a series of commitments.

A Cowboy of the Cross first commits his life to Christ. (Are your entry fees paid?)

He commits to learning about and following Bible from reading it on his own to being at cowboy church whenever he can with the same dedication he puts into competing in rodeo and bull riding.

He puts God first, seeing how God will use him as the cowboy he is, to change the world around him.

If you’ve made these commitments and are ready to live for Christ as a Cowboy of the Cross, let us know and we’ll share your public confession here.

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew 10:32



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