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  “Scott doesn’t judge us for the mistakes we make. He accepts us for who we are, and we can trust him to meet us where we are."

Cowboys of the Cross: The Mission  

Recognizing that the majority of the thousands of cowboys in North America claim Christianity as their faith, Cowboys of the Cross is first and foremost a rodeo, bull riding and cowboy ministry.

Cowboys of the Cross is headed by Scott Hilgendorff , who grew up around London, Ontario and answered God’s call to leave a 14-year career in journalism to pursue ministry full time. Scott is living proof that God can and will use anyone for His purposes if we choose to listen and be obedient and willing to make what may feel like sacrifices at the time. The ministry is now housed at LifeSong Family Church in Lewisburg, TN

There are literally thousands of cowboys across North America and most identify with the Christian faith. Because of that, most rodeo cowboys and bull riders will attend cowboy church, a short service with a Bible-based message and prayer before the start of a rodeo or bull riding.

While cowboy church is possibly the part of this rodeo ministry that stands out the most, being at rodeos, bull ridings and equine events are what helps us to build relationships with the cowboys that allow for the opportunity to disciple them and help them grow in their faith. It is through the focus on personal relationships that we have been given some amazing glimpses into how God has used this ministry to support and impact many of the cowboys we encounter.

To stay accessible, Scott maintains a strong social media presence while working directly with rodeo and bull riding associations as well as event producers to ensure his availability to the cowboys is known.

In addition to a focus on discipleship, as a ministry Cowboys of the Cross distributes Cowboy Bibles (small new testaments designed to be kept in gear bags and glove boxes with cowboy-themed covers to make them less uncomfortable to be picked up and carried around).

Other efforts include:

*Hospital visits for injured riders

*Travel to make one-on-one visits or to lead Bible studies

*Crisis calls, both received and checking in when we know a cowboy is struggling or facing a challenge

*Cowboy church sermons made available electronically to more than 4,000 cowboys and rodeo/bull riding fans

*Sharing the ministry with churches to raise support but also, through Scott’s own call into ministry, to teach congregations that God can use the least of us to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Ministering to cowboys

across North America

“Scott really cares about us and understands our lifestyle. We appreciate how much he helps us."

Pete Gordon

Saddle Bronc Rider

Barrie, Ontario

Matt Merritt

Barrel Man/Clown

Olin, North Carolina

Alex, Jenks

Bull Rider

Lincolnton, NC

Joe Scully

Rodeo Announcer

Erin, Ontario

“Cowboy church is usually the only church  we can attend with being on the road so much”

"Scott teaches and helps us understand the Bible and tries to answer any of the questions we have about Christianity"

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Cowboys of the Cross: The Website

As Christianity loses footing in much of our society, the Christian faith remains a strong part of the proud cowboy heritage. For generations, since the days of circuit riders preaching in frontier towns of the Old West, Christianity has been a part of the cowboy culture.

Because of that, it remains an open mission field with a significant opportunity to disciple, mentor and teach these young men while helping to shepherd them through the challenges of a dangerous sport and temptations of a rough lifestyle.

These young men give up everything in pursuit of the chance to make it to the professional level and are on the road, taking them away from any chance to be a part of a regular church. Many also feel like because of their lifestyle, they either cannot or ar

are unwelcome in traditional churches. Bringing cowboy church to them gives them an environment in which they can be themselves and still learn about God and how to apply Scripture to their lives.

Will you help us to continue this mission of discipleship and outreach and help us to continue raising up a young generation of men, ready to serve the Lord? The rodeo circuits and bull riding arenas are  public places where Christianity is still welcome and well-received. Will you partner with us and help us to continue this vital outreach?

Surprising reason this ministry is so vital

ready to serve the Lord? The rodeo circuits and bull riding arenas are  public places where Christianity is still welcome and well-received. Will you partner with us and help us to continue this vital outreach?