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Support is needed

Your tax-deductible support helps Scott to:

Your tax-deductible contribution goes directly here and approximately $25,000 provides for this ministry an entire year.

What we do:

--Travel to lead Cowboy Church -- short messages and

prayer before rodeos and bull ridings. The only ‘church’ most riders have access to.

--Distribute cowboy Bibles

--Discipleship and teaching through distributing monthly teaching material and maintaining direct communication to hundreds of bull riders and cowboys.

More than 4,000 now receive monthly sermons and devotionals by email and social media.

--Provide chaplain services to two rodeo associations.

--Hospital visits with injured riders.

--Prayer requests and questions and issues are received

weekly by phone and email.

--More than 20 hours per month of phone time is given to discipleship and building relationships begun through being present at events to lead cowboy church.

--Help is needed as we work to raise $25,000 ; still a very small ministry budget for what we are able to do.


   There are literally thousands of rodeo cowboys and bull riders across North America but by their chosen lifestyle, they often cannot be in church.

   At the same time, Christianity is widely accepted throughout the cowboy culture making it a fruitful mission field for those few who choose or have been called to reach out to this challenging group of young men. They are wide open to learning more about the Bible and how to receive or strengthen a personal relationship with Christ.

   Nearly ever rider attends cowboy church


$125 for 50 cowboy Bibles (Bibles with testimonies

and a rodeo cover)

$150 on average to provide cowboy church at an

event. Cost varies by traveling distance.

$100 per month for minutes on phone.

$100 per month in ministry supplies such as Bible

studies and other resources to give to riders.

Bull Rider George Terry (right) from Kentucky sat down to read his cowboy Bible and another bull rider borrowed mine to sit down with George and talk about what he was reading. These young men want to know more about their faith but because their lifestyle keeps them away from traditional churches, they need people willing to meet them where they are to bring that teaching to them – Scott

How to Support

In Canada

Blyth Community

Church of God

P.O. Box 428

Blyth, Ontario

N0M 1H0

Please select “Online giving” and under QUICK GIVE, select Cowboys of the Cross from the drop-down menu. You can also register there to set up monthly giving.

In the United States

LifeSong Family Church 1041 S Ellington Pkwy, Lewisburg, TN 37091

Be sure to include a note:

“For rodeo ministry”



ONLINE through LifeSong Family Church